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Mukta Gupta

Welcome to Mukta's Art

Kaneohe, HI


I was born in a small town in India, at the border of the northwestern desert state of Haryana and Rajasthan. At an early age, the vibrant colors and sweet melodies of nature and nomadic gypsies, called Banjaras, influenced her inner being and outer world. Her own Banjara existence yearned for stability, at least in her inner being, which is nonexistent in the outer world for obvious reasons of inherent uncertainty, being the very nature of our physical material world that we are made of.

So Munaluna Art was born out of the need to create symmetry out of asymmetry, harmony out of disharmony and order out of chaos in the explosively violent world where life itself has become an industrial commodity to satisfy the lust of the consumer, capitalistic world overpowered by the greed, anger and fear, created by the survival instinct of our reptilian brains. Her art is an effort to perceive and recreate higher dimensions of our spiritual world that is lost in the mist of lower dimensions of materialistic individuality (humanity), which is exploding like a cancer since it tries to engulf everything in its way, including itself.

Maybe this effort would reach out to the depths of compassion and understanding of the human spirit that is searching for itself so it can heal and grow again and create a world that is full of awe-inspiring beauty and laughter.

Art has been part of me since I was born. I have always been aware of being blessed with it. However, I only started taking formal classes at Windward Community College in Hawaii for the past few years only. I have an undergraduate degree in chemistry from a university in India and I graduated with a doctorate in chemistry from University of Hawaii in 1997. I also worked as a research scientist at MER Corporation Tucson, Arizona and Australian National University, Canberra between 1998-2001. I taught chemistry/biochemistry at Windward Community College between 2003-2006. At present, I am teaching chemistry/biochemistry (part-time) at Hawaii Pacific University while pursuing my art education at Windward Community College concurrently. Lately, I am enjoying sculpting as well.

My other interests are henna art, reading, writing poetry, cooking, hiking, traveling, yoga, martial arts (Silat), vipassana Meditation, homeopathy, ayurvedic medicine and art Therapy (alternate healing techniques) and neurochemistry.

All images are copyrighted and owned by Mukta Gupta. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited. All rights reserved. 
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Sacred red Lotus by Mukta Gupta


Wandering Sage small by Mukta Gupta


Blue Elephant in the Rainforest by Mukta Gupta


Blue Elephant in a Museum by Mukta Gupta


Humpback Whale in Harmony by Mukta Gupta


Meditating Humpback Whale in ocean by Mukta Gupta


Earth in Harmony by Mukta Gupta


Dancing Tree of Life by Mukta Gupta


Magical Sky by Mukta Gupta


Sunset in Saguaro Desert by Mukta Gupta


Bonded in Harmony by Mukta Gupta


Alien Women Teleportation by Mukta Gupta


Mountains and Oceans by Mukta Gupta


Elephant lotus and bird design by Mukta Gupta


Swing uphill abstract by Mukta Gupta


Tree with birds by Mukta Gupta


Palo Verde by Mukta Gupta


Flowers Orange by Mukta Gupta


Kaneohe Bay view from the roof by Mukta Gupta


Fish in the sea by Mukta Gupta


Kailua Beach House by Mukta Gupta


Saguaro Desert by Mukta Gupta


Deep Blue by Mukta Gupta


Reflections in glass and steel a still life by Mukta Gupta


Still Life Walnut Ink by Mukta Gupta


Earthen Pot and silver by Mukta Gupta


Still Life 2 by Mukta Gupta


Baddi Amma Old Grandmother by Mukta Gupta


Somersalting on Bali Black Sand Beach 2 by Mukta Gupta


Somersalting on Bali Black Sand Beach by Mukta Gupta


Reflections 2 by Mukta Gupta


Reflections 1 by Mukta Gupta


Hau Trees by Mukta Gupta


Orchids Hawaii by Mukta Gupta


Sunflower 2 by Mukta Gupta


Sunflower 1 by Mukta Gupta


Twins by Mukta Gupta


Friends by Mukta Gupta


Lotus and Birds by Mukta Gupta


Essence of Women by Mukta Gupta


Wandering leaves Octopus Tree design by Mukta Gupta


Woman in Bondage by Mukta Gupta


Symmetrical Illusion Abstract by Mukta Gupta


Pink Hibiscus by Mukta Gupta


Yellow Daisies by Mukta Gupta


Purple face by Mukta Gupta


Whale Flying Flying Whale by Mukta Gupta


Sustainable Fish Pond by Mukta Gupta